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Level Up Studies it is an Education Consultancy Agency will help the international students find the best school that suits the student and help with the student visa in Australia.

Our consultants’ team has many years of experience; we take high priority in our student visa’s procedures to ensure a high pass rate. It is also important for us to ensure the safety of the visa being granted during the period of the students’ visa, transfers of schools and drop out of school.

We will be constantly providing a professional and excellent service. We will be growing Level Up Studies team to provide excellent service for the student’s requirements, including information about working holiday studies, part-time studies, improving English, and studying for immigration purpose.


Level Up Studies consist of a professional team. Our main office is located in Melbourne and Taiwan, but our services cover the whole of Australia, we also have consultants from 7 different nationalities servicing the students in each State in Australia and also in Taiwan. We are currently targeting social media students, this will help the students to save time, they can ask any questions when they are at home or at work during their break times. Our future plan is to have an office in each State so that it will be more convenient to service the students.


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